Road Skills

At Shelly Truck Driving School, students receive hands-on experience to learn practical driving skills. By the end of the four-week course, students are comfortable behind the wheel of a big rig, having handled a truck on the highway and in the city. By learning these basic road skills, students are prepared for their CDL road test and to start their driving career.

Real World Training

Every student enrolled at Shelly Truck Driving School receives 3 weeks of hands-on training, half of which occurs in our simulator and on the roads of York and Lancaster Counties. Instructors provide students with real-life situations, so they learn maneuvers and operations they will be doing every day on the job. This includes shifting, turning, and driving on various road conditions.


Road Skills Training Includes:

  • Highway
  • Road
  • City
  • Upshifting & Downshifting
  • Entering and exiting a highway
  • Right & left hand turns
  • Stopping and starting on grade
  • Curves and hills

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