Financial Assistance

Paying for Truck Driving School

Available Financial Assistance and Programs to Cover Tuition

If you are looking to start a career in the transportation industry, truck driving school is a valuable investment. Not only will it jump-start your career, it will also give you important skills and experience that will make you attractive to your future employer.

How Much Does Driving School Cost?

Tuition at Shelly Truck Driving School is $5,800 for the entire course. Your tuition covers 4 weeks of in-person instruction, time on our driving simulator, all books and training materials, and your fees for taking your CDL tests.

How Can I Pay For Truck Driving School?

If you are committed to investing in your driving career, you will need to figure out how you will cover your tuition. Here are some of the more common ways students pay for truck driving school.


If you have enough savings built up, you might consider paying for school by writing a check. This gives you the greatest freedom, as you can then find a truck driving company after graduation without the need to seek tuition assistance or reimbursement.


If you cannot afford to pay for school out of pocket, you can apply for a personal loan from First Capital Federal Credit Union in York. On their website, click the “Apply for a Loan” link at the top of the page. Once there, click the “My Choice” loan option and fill out your application. Membership eligibility applies. Or you can also work with a school loan company to help you finance your school tuition.

Tuition Assistance

If you get hired by a trucking company prior to attending truck driving school, you may be able to have your new employer help you pay for school. You will likely need to sign a one year contract to be eligible for this type of program.

Tuition Forgiveness

When you are hired after graduating from truck driving school, you may qualify for tuition forgiveness or tuition reimbursement from many trucking companies.

Tuition Reduction

If you are unemployed or underemployed, you may qualify for state programs that can reduce or even eliminate your tuition to truck driving school. These programs are designed to help you get the training you need for your new career. Visit CareerLink PA to see if you qualify for this program.

Want to learn more about what to expect with the course and find out about tuition assistance? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions and discover why Shelly Truck Driving School is the place to start your trucking career!

If you are not sure which method works best for you and your situation, give us a call. We are always willing to help eager students like you find a way to attend driving school and earn their CDL.


Emily Sensenich (Google Review)

I just passed my CDL road test last week and I couldn’t have done it without Shelley Truck Driving School. All the instructors are super informative and respectful. This school doesn’t even compare to any of the other truck driving school that I looked into. Awesome job guys!

Jim Rowe (Google Review)

Attending this school put me on a path to better my life and allows me to go anywhere and find employment. The instructors at this school are TOP notch and I learned valuable things from everyone of them! I highly recommend this school to anyone thinking of getting their CDL.

Amazing what they do in less than 30 days!

Shawn Burkey (Google Review)

I graduated today and this has been hands down the best experience I’ve had at a school. The instructor’s are top notch and will get you where you need to be! Thank you to everyone at the school for the knowledge and experience. You got the one snowman I’m eastbound and down!

Adam Dudas (Google Review)

The instructors really make this class and school. From the class room to driving to the skills, it has been a very fun learning environment for the past 4 weeks. I ALMOST FORGOT I WAS IN SCHOOL! In my opinion no other school should be considered.

Brian Eckert (Google Review)

This is an amazing school, with top notch instructors. During my time there, I learned from all of the instructors and they each had different things to teach and add to the training. This school not only gets you prepared for the CDL test, but also teaches skills that give you a head start once you are out and working. The patience of these instructors is top tier.

Shel Gray (Google Review)

Shelly was a Great experience for someone like me who was changing careers. They provide a relaxed but focused atmosphere where anyone can learn the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain a CDL. You really get the feel that the instructors care about your well-being and goal for getting a CDL. I would recommend this school to anyone looking into getting their CDL.