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Driving a big rig truck can be intimidating, especially the first time you get behind the wheel. Learning how and when to shift gears, sight lines, and even the feel of being in the driver’s seat can take time before you feel comfortable. With the truck driving simulator at Shelly Truck Driving School, you can raise your comfort level and gain much-needed experience before you get on the road.

Shelly: Where Training and Technology Come Together

At Shelly Truck Driving School, we believe that 21st century technology can better prepare new drivers for the unique experience of driving a tractor trailer. That’s why we’ve invested in cutting-edge simulation technology from Advanced Training Systems, which provides realistic feedback to students as they drive in a realistic, simulated environment.

From the safe confines of our simulation room, student drivers learn the basics of driving a truck — including shifting gears, braking, and parking — without the added stress of being on the road. Plus, by adjusting road and weather conditions in the simulation, students can be better prepared for any condition once they hit the road.

Shelly Truck Driving simulator

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An Integral Part of Our Training Curriculum

Our simulator is a core part of our four-week truck driving training program. Once students receive their CDL learner’s permit, we get them into the simulator to work on shifting gears. As the course progresses, students receive 4-6 hours behind the wheel of the simulator. If a student wants more practice, they can schedule additional time with the simulator. That way, every student is comfortable with shifting by the time they are on the road, so they can better focus on driving.

Train Your Drivers On Our Simulator

Regional trucking companies regularly use our simulator to provide additional training for their drivers. Whether you are looking to improve safety training or provide remedial training for your drivers, you can rent time on our simulator and help your fleet’s drivers sharpen their skills. Give us a call to schedule simulator time for your team.

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To learn how the simulator at Shelly Truck Driving School can help you become a better truck driver, give us a call at 844-743-5591 or use our online form.