Yard Skills

As part of our 160 hours of instruction, students learn a variety of practical yard skills. At our practice yard on Hay Street, students work on backing, coupling & uncoupling, and other vital skills. Our instructors — all experienced truck drivers — provide hands-on training to better prepare students for their CDL driving test as well as their driving career.

Focusing on the Basics

In the real world, every situation and delivery location is different. That’s why we spend half of our practical training time on yard work. In the yard, students learn how a trailer responds and moves in a safe, controlled environment. If students master the basic skills of backing up and parking here, they can have the confidence to handle any unloading or parking situation on the job.

Yard Skills Training Includes:

  • Pre-trip Checklist and Vehicle Inspection: Students are taught the CDL pre-trip inspection per regulations in Federal Motor Carriers Regulations Handbook.
  • Backing Up: Basic principles and rules, as well as save basic backing maneuvers.
  • Coupling & Uncoupling: Students learn how to couple and uncouple a trailer, along with the hazards involved with it.
  • Parking: Students will learn several types of parking in our lot, including parallel parking, offset parking, and straight line parking.


“Fantastic instructors with lots of patience. Dominick and his instructors really know their stuff. All of their trucks are 10 speed transmission which was really helpful. I highly recommend Shelly to learn the right way. Dominick helped me get a job before I even graduated. Top notch school!!!”
— Patty Crowe (Google Review)

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