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Supporting the Trucking Industry Since 2014

Shelly Truck Driving School was founded by S&H Express in 2014 to provide the increasingly competitive trucking industry with experienced, professional drivers, and to offer high-quality training for individuals who want to begin a career as a truck driver.

Since 2014, Shelly Truck Driving School has been providing the trucking industry with experienced, professional drivers. We work with commercial trucking companies throughout the United States to offer high-quality training at our school in York, PA.

Continuing Training

Transportation companies from all over the eastern United States work with us to provide continual or remedial education for their drivers. Our state-of-the-art truck driving simulator is the perfect tool for working on specific skills without going out on the road.

Different scenarios and simulations can be set up to target:

  • Turning and tight corners
  • Shifting
  • Acceleration & deceleration
  • City, country, and highway driving

By running through the simulations, your driver can sharpen their skills, gain confidence in the cab, and help them get back behind the wheel after an accident.

Time on our simulator can be purchased on nights, weekends, or whenever our classes are out on the road. Our instructors will operate the simulator and guide participants through the scenarios designed around your goals.

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CDL Training

Do you have team members who need their CDL? Are you hiring from within to expand your driver pool? Send your team to Shelly Truck Driving School and reap the benefits of our CDL driver training. Running 4 weeks long, our classes rely on classroom instruction, time on our simulator, and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Owned and operated by a trucking company, we know what you are looking for out of your drivers. That’s why our training features real-world situations to develop yard skills, including backing up to real loading docks and practicing with loaded trailers.

Contact us to discuss sending your team members to Shelly for CDL training.

“Excellent service …with the experience and patience to teach. Graduates drivers that set the standard.”
— Brian Johnson (Google Review)

Hiring Truck Drivers

Due to the shortage of drivers across the industry, it is crucial to improve your recruitment efforts for new drivers. Partner with Shelly to hire our students as they earn their CDL.

We have students graduating on a weekly basis, and over 90% of our students have a job before they graduate. Most are hired by national and regional transportation companies in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Contact Dominick Grossi, Executive Director at Shelly Truck Driving School, to learn more about our placement program and how we can help you find your next driver.