CDL Training Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions about the CDL training program at Shelly Truck Driving School.


How long is the course?

The CDL training course at Shelly Truck Driving School lasts 4 weeks. This includes 160 hours of instruction focusing on road skills and yard skills. Students also get time on our truck driving simulator.


How many students are in a class?

Our average class size is 15 students. Our low student-to-instructor ratio allows our instructors to provide every student with the individualized attention they need for success.


What will I be doing while the other students practice driving?

Our course work is carefully designed so that students are actively engaged in learning the steps of pre-and post-trips, practicing with the driving simulator, maneuvering the truck in a controlled and safe area on our driving range, driving over-the-road, and preparing for the CDL-A test.


How much time will I spend in a classroom and how much time will I practice driving?

Our training program includes 40 hours of classroom instruction and 120 hours of behind-the-wheel training. At our school, classroom instruction doesn’t mean that students are continuously sitting and listening to a lecture or watching a film. We’ve designed out-of-seat activities that break up the day and provide breaks from classroom lectures. Those activities include demonstrating how air brakes work, performing pre-and post-trip inspections, and practicing with the driving simulator.Every student enrolled at Shelly Truck Driving School receives 3 weeks of hands-on training on the roads of York and Lancaster counties. We are one of the few schools in the northeastern United States with a state-of-the-art simulator, which every one of our students uses to learn basic truck driving techniques.


Will I be able to handle a truck even though I’m not tall or muscular?

The days of one-size fits all trucks are gone. Modern trucks – like the ones at Shelly Truck Driving School – have an adjustable seat and steering wheel and advanced technology. And, thankfully, working the gear shift on late-model trucks requires a gentle touch, not brute force.


I’ve never driven a manual transmission and I’m worried about learning to shift all those gears. Are there automatics?

When a student passes the CDL-A test in a truck with an automatic transmission, a restriction is placed on her/his license that limits them to driving only automatics. The good news is that our driving simulator provides an anxiety-free way to learn and practice the gentle art of shifting BEFORE you are behind the wheel.


Will I have the same instructor during the entire course?

We have carefully designed our course so that students are learning from different instructors throughout the four-week course. Our instructors have a wide range of experience as professional truck drivers. This scheduling gives students the chance to benefit from different teaching styles and to learn about various types of trucking jobs from people who have held them.


What kinds of real-life driving experience do the instructors have?

Shelly Truck Driving School Instructors have more than 150 years of combined safe-driving experience as professional CDL-A drivers including: regional, jockey, OTR, Humvee, 5-Ton, fuel, bulk, LTL, oversize, city, long-haul, UPS freight, flatbed, tri-axle, lowboy, public service, pulling doubles, and concrete.


How much does your school charge?

Tuition at Shelly Truck Driving School is $5,800 for the entire course. Your tuition covers 4 weeks of in-person instruction, time on our driving simulator, all books and training materials, and your fees for taking your CDL tests.


Do you have financial aid?

Our students qualify for state retraining education grants like CareerLink. Students can also get reduced tuition through grants and tuition reduction. Many trucking companies also offer tuition assistance and forgiveness.


Do all students pass the CDL test?

After passing the CDL exam, students graduate from Shelly Truck Driving School with a Class A CDL license. Our students will also earn several endorsements to their CDL, specifically N (tank vehicles), T (double trailers), and H (hazardous materials). These endorsements allow students to drive a larger number of vehicles, which improves their future job prospects and ability to be hired.


What kinds of job-placement services do you provide?

Shelly Truck Driving School graduates are highly regarded – we have a 90% placement rate! During their four weeks of study, students will have the opportunity to meet recruiters from companies that are hiring local, regional, jockey, and long-haul CDL-A drivers. We encourage our students to talk with their instructors about the different types of professional driving careers of interest to them. Graduates are always welcome to contact the school director to discuss employment opportunities.


What kinds of driving jobs will I be qualified for after I get my CDL?

You will graduate with a Class A CDL license and several endorsements, specifically, N (tank vehicles), T (double trailers), and H (hazardous materials), so you will be eligible for any jobs with these requirements. The school can provide job applications from local, regional, and long-haul companies. Recruiters also visit the school on a regular basis, giving formal presentations about their company.


How will I know which type of job is best for me?

While you are enrolled at Shelly Truck Driving School, take the opportunity to talk with your instructors and visiting recruiters about the types of professional truck driving careers that interest you. This is the best way to learn what those careers are really like. Take your time, do your research, and ask your instructors for their advice to find the best fit for you.


What is it like when a new driver shows up for work on the first day? How do they know what to do?

Shelly Truck Driving School’s 4-week course prepares you for your first day working in the trucking industry with a rigorous 160 hours of instruction that includes practical skills for in the truckyard and on the road. When you earn your CDL-A at Shelly Truck Driving School, you are prepared to begin your career as a professional truck driver. Requirements vary from company to company, but most newly hired first-time CDL-A truck drivers complete several weeks of training with an experienced driver-trainer at their new company. That training helps new drivers learn their employer’s safety, maintenance, and paperwork procedures, preferred routes, and customers’ requirements for delivery and pick-up.


When does the next course start?

Courses usually start every two weeks. To find out when the next course is starting, contact the school today.


How do I apply?

Your application for Shelly Truck Driving School can be started online using our online form. Just a reminder that our school requires students to have a valid PA Driver’s license and a High School Diploma.


Emily Sensenich (Google Review)

I just passed my CDL road test last week and I couldn’t have done it without Shelley Truck Driving School. All the instructors are super informative and respectful. This school doesn’t even compare to any of the other truck driving school that I looked into. Awesome job guys!

Jim Rowe (Google Review)

Attending this school put me on a path to better my life and allows me to go anywhere and find employment. The instructors at this school are TOP notch and I learned valuable things from everyone of them! I highly recommend this school to anyone thinking of getting their CDL.

Amazing what they do in less than 30 days!

Shawn Burkey (Google Review)

I graduated today and this has been hands down the best experience I’ve had at a school. The instructor’s are top notch and will get you where you need to be! Thank you to everyone at the school for the knowledge and experience. You got the one snowman I’m eastbound and down!

Adam Dudas (Google Review)

The instructors really make this class and school. From the class room to driving to the skills, it has been a very fun learning environment for the past 4 weeks. I ALMOST FORGOT I WAS IN SCHOOL! In my opinion no other school should be considered.

Brian Eckert (Google Review)

This is an amazing school, with top notch instructors. During my time there, I learned from all of the instructors and they each had different things to teach and add to the training. This school not only gets you prepared for the CDL test, but also teaches skills that give you a head start once you are out and working. The patience of these instructors is top tier.

Shel Gray (Google Review)

Shelly was a Great experience for someone like me who was changing careers. They provide a relaxed but focused atmosphere where anyone can learn the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain a CDL. You really get the feel that the instructors care about your well-being and goal for getting a CDL. I would recommend this school to anyone looking into getting their CDL.