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Published 11/16/2023


Admission Requirements
Applicants must be able to pass a D.O.T physical and Regulated drug test, this is carried out by a Third-Party Vendor. Need to have a driving record that is without DUIs/DWIs within the most recent 5-year period. An individual 18 years old or under the age of 21 years old are restricted to Intrastate travel only.

Before being admitted, applicants must provide a copy of:

1. A valid Driver’s License

Procedures For Admission
A school staff member will interview the applicant explaining such pertinent information as training programs, graduation requirements, job placement, costs, and other general information. Applicants will be provided with a school catalog and information on the school placement program. All applicants are required to complete an enrollment application.



Class A 160 Diploma Tractor Trailer Program
General Description: 160 clock hours (4 weeks) designed to meet the needs of the student who has never driven a Class A tractor trailer. A Class A vehicle is one that weighs more than 26,001 lbs. and tows a trailer in excess of 10,001lbs. The student will train with the truck for 80 hours. The prerequisites for truck training are orientation and permit preparation. A minimum of 40 hours is spent in the truck practicing the maneuvering skills in a confined area. A minimum of 35 hours is spent on over-the-road truck training. The remaining 5 hours are reserved for preparation and CDL testing. Also included in this course is 80 hours of classroom and lab.
Objective: To prepare the student to become a licensed (CDL) entry level, Class A tractor-trailer driver.

The class and lab training are divided into fifteen (15) sections:

  1. Orientation: The student is introduced to our school and is told about
    scheduling, grading, and what is expected of the student.
  2. Preparation for written Exam (CDL): This section gets the student ready to
    pass the written exam, which includes general knowledge, air brakes, and
    the endorsements of doubles and triples, and tanker.
  3. Introduction to trucking: the trucking industry, its rules and regulations and
    what it takes to become a professional driver.
  4. Map reading: The student will learn to use a road atlas, plan trip routes,
    estimate mileage / travel time, obtain permits and plan for personal needs
    and expense money.
  5. Log Books: The student learns how to use a log book, record time, compute
    on-duty and off-duty time and regulations.
  6. Coupling and Uncoupling: The student will learn how to couple and
    uncouple a tractor and trailer along with the hazards involved with it.
  7. Vehicle Systems: Student will learn how the many parts / components of a
    truck relate to one another. Particular attention is given to the brakes and
    electrical systems, and safety of the vehicle.
  8. Vehicle Maintenance: The student learns to troubleshoot mechanical
  9. Vehicle Inspection: The student is taught the CDL pre-trip inspection per the
    regulations outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Handbook.
  10. Basic Control: Putting the truck in motion and stopping safely, backing in a
    straight line, and making right and left turns.
  11. Shifting: Basic gear shifting patterns and methods of shifting.
  12. Backing: The student will learn backing principles and rules. Safe basic
    backing maneuvers are taught.
  13. Visual Search: Visual safeguards and the importance of mirrors.
  14. Space Management: Safe driving space and following distance. Control of
    space and the dangers of overhead obstructions.
  15. Speed Management: Speed and stopping distance, fuel economy and safe
    speed management.

Physical Facility Location

York, PA (400 Mulberry Street). The school is located in the S&H Express building. There is a break room (12’x12’) equipped with a microwave, and a refrigerator. Classroom is right off the break room (18’x32’) and the bathrooms are just across the hallway. There is a smoking area outside with a big parking area.

The skills range is located on Hay Street York, PA. It is 2 blocks from the classroom and is owned by S & H Express.

Student Information

Dress Requirements
Students must dress with safety in mind. Loose clothing and hair that could get caught in doors and equipment will not be tolerated. Students are required to wear shoes during truck training sessions. Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed.

Textbooks and Supplies
Textbooks and supplies will be handed out during the first day of class and are the responsibility of the student. Students must bring textbooks to class every day.

Student Complaint Procedure
This complaint procedure is gone over during the first day of orientation.

  1. The student should communicate their concern to an Instructor.
  2. If the student feels that the concern has not been addressed properly, they may then communicate the concern to the Training Supervisor.
  3. After meeting with the Training Supervisor, the student feels that the concern was not resolved they may then meet with the Executive Director of the School.
  4. If the student feels that their concern has not been satisfactorily resolved and further action is required, they may contact:

Division of Higher Education, Access, and Equity
Pennsylvania Department of Education – Post Secondary and Adult Education
607 South Drive, 3rd Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Students are expected to be on time for all classes. When in the classroom or the range students must follow instructions. Cell phones will not be permitted during classroom time, range training, or road training. Drugs and alcohol are not allowed at any time. Students must treat the school’s equipment with care. If these rules are not followed it could lead to dismissal by the Director.

Attendance / Leave of Absence:
Students must maintain a 90% attendance record. Any attendance below 90% may lead to dismissal. No show, No call will not be tolerated and will be reviewed by the Director. Four or more absences may lead to dismissal by the Director. All leaves of absence must be submitted in writing to the Director and approved by the Director.

Being late to classroom or truck training four or more times may lead to termination from the program. Make-up work will be assigned and is expected to be made up promptly. There is no charge for make-up work.

Grading System
Students are graded on their classroom / lab, and their truck driving ability. These activities are graded as follows:

  • A – 90% to 100% Excellent work or has achieved the specific driving objectives.
  • B – 80% to 89% Above average in class work and behind the wheel
  • C – 70% to 79% Average classroom work and behind the wheel
  • D – 60% to 69% Unsatisfactory progress. Remedial training may be required.

Classroom / Lab
Students are tested throughout the course of the classroom. A minimum grade of 80% is to be considered Proficient. These tests are graded and placed on their transcript. The grades are evaluated weekly by the Director.

Road Work
All school vehicles use non-synchronized manual transmissions. A driving progress report is made up on each student. Each driving session is critiqued and noted on this report. The instructor evaluates each student for every driving session, and these reports are evaluated weekly by the Director.

Remedial Training
An unsatisfactory grade of a C may result in some remedial training. This may involve tutoring either before or after class. This may involve up to an additional 5 hours of training with truck. There will be no extra charge for the tutoring and extra truck training.

Requirements For Graduation
A student must have a minimum grade average of 80% at the end of the course, with attendance rate of 90%. The student must have a passing score on the state’s Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) written and driving examinations. The student will receive a diploma upon satisfying the requirements for graduation.

Class A 160: Basic Tractor-Trailer Driving. The tuition of $5,800.00 includes all materials and testing.

If an applicant wishes to cancel his / her enrollment agreement prior to the start they will receive a 100% refund. If applicant has not toured the school’s facilities, but has enrolled, that person will receive a 100% refund if unhappy upon touring and so states within three days.

Students may be terminated for not maintaining a passing grade, excessive tardiness, absenteeism or unsafe behavior. The school Director is in charge of any terminations. Students who are absent more than 2 days or more than 10% may be terminated.

Refund Policy

  1. For a student completing up to and including 10% of the total clock hours the
    school shall refund 90% of the total cost of the program.
  2. For a student withdrawing from or discontinuing the program within the first
    25% of the program, the tuition charges refunded by the school shall be 55% of
    the total cost of the program.
  3. For a student withdrawing or discontinuing after 25% but within 50% of the
    program, the tuition charges refunded by the school shall be 30% of the total cost
    of the program.
  4. For a student withdrawing or discontinuing after 50% of the program, the
    student is entitled to no refund.
  5. The school will refund unearned tuition within 30 days of the date of the withdrawal.

In the event a student is unable to pass the learner’s permit exam a refund is made in accordance with the standard refund policy based on the last date of attendance. The termination date for refund calculation purposes is the student’s last day of recorded attendance. An applicant rejected by the school is entitled to a refund of monies paid.

Placement Services

The school has a strong placement service. All staff, including the Director can assist in placement. Several lists are maintained of hiring companies. A Job / Hire board is kept in the classroom. The school can provide job applications from local, regional, and long-haul companies. Recruiters visit the school on a regular basis, giving formal presentations about their company. A computer, fax, copier, and telephone are available for the students. Students are assisted in filling out applications. Shelly Truck Driving School LLC CANNOT GUARANTEE JOB PLACEMENT.

School Calendar
The school has open enrollment. A student may start any Shelly Truck Driving School LLC program every other Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a Holiday) of the year.

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Transferability of Credit Hours
The 160 are units of measure and not meant to show any conversion to credit-to-credit hours and are not intended to imply transferability.

Student Bill of Rights
Shelly Truck Driving School will not stand for any discrimination against age, race, sex, or religion. Any problem with this should be reported to the Director right away.

In accordance with ACT 55 OF 2022 (ARTICLE XX-G)- Consent is defined as; A knowing and voluntary agreement to engage in specific sexual activity at the time of the activity communicated through clear actions and/or words that are mutually understood.

Student Services
Although the school does not offer counseling, students may seek guidance or advice from the Instructors or Director. Students who need help or assistance for anything outside of the school can reach out to the Director who will try to assist the student to find outside help.

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Emily Sensenich (Google Review)

I just passed my CDL road test last week and I couldn’t have done it without Shelley Truck Driving School. All the instructors are super informative and respectful. This school doesn’t even compare to any of the other truck driving school that I looked into. Awesome job guys!

Jim Rowe (Google Review)

Attending this school put me on a path to better my life and allows me to go anywhere and find employment. The instructors at this school are TOP notch and I learned valuable things from everyone of them! I highly recommend this school to anyone thinking of getting their CDL.

Amazing what they do in less than 30 days!

Shawn Burkey (Google Review)

I graduated today and this has been hands down the best experience I’ve had at a school. The instructor’s are top notch and will get you where you need to be! Thank you to everyone at the school for the knowledge and experience. You got the one snowman I’m eastbound and down!

Adam Dudas (Google Review)

The instructors really make this class and school. From the class room to driving to the skills, it has been a very fun learning environment for the past 4 weeks. I ALMOST FORGOT I WAS IN SCHOOL! In my opinion no other school should be considered.

Brian Eckert (Google Review)

This is an amazing school, with top notch instructors. During my time there, I learned from all of the instructors and they each had different things to teach and add to the training. This school not only gets you prepared for the CDL test, but also teaches skills that give you a head start once you are out and working. The patience of these instructors is top tier.

Shel Gray (Google Review)

Shelly was a Great experience for someone like me who was changing careers. They provide a relaxed but focused atmosphere where anyone can learn the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain a CDL. You really get the feel that the instructors care about your well-being and goal for getting a CDL. I would recommend this school to anyone looking into getting their CDL.